As enterprises migrate their services to the cloud to improve efficiency, digitalization transformation creates new cyber vulnerabilities from edge to cloud networks. To build a scalable, consolidated network security architecture that integrates flexibility in security measures and simplicity in management, at RSA 2022 Lanner provides a complete range of network security appliances deployed in distributed enterprises and branches, industrial network edge and telecom infrastructure.

5G is anticipated to unlock the new business models that will enable operators to create new revenue streams, made possible by virtualizing the edge so that diverse networking and service delivery models can be available. Recently successful applications include consolidated branch networking via uCPE/SD-WAN, Open RAN via pole-mountable network appliance and edge cloud computing via MEC Server. To drive the 5G edge network computing and accelerate time-to-market, Lanner will join the Big 5G 2022 to showcase its latest network appliances designed for uCPE/SD-WAN and Open RAN. Drop by and visit Lanner booth at #109 at Austin, USA from May 16 to May 18.

Implementation of AI-based Smart City applications at the edge is crucial in mission-critical applications that require real-time data processing and low-latency response. For example, the AI-powered machine vision system at the factory edge network can process the vision data analytics, deep Learning Inference and relearning, resulting in immediately improving the flaw detection accuracy, without streaming large volumes of data to the cloud that lead to higher overheads in network bandwidth and power consumption.

OpenRAN is anticipated as the next revolution for Radio Access Network (RAN) infrastructure, and considered as an optimal solution to enhance capacity and coverage, while reducing latency caused by escalating growth of data on the 5G network. OpenRAN solutions offer flexibility and scalability through the disaggregation of hardware and software, and the utilization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.

Organizations and enterprises are increasingly requiring an edge networking platform that not only prioritize end-user experience, holistically manage their WAN and LAN for automated management, and integrate high-level security features. AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) are multi-layered technology platforms that automate and enhance IT operations through analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – can handle these digital transformation issues.

Join Lanner’s keynote at NVIDIA’s GTC 22 to learn how to leverage GPU-Accelerated computing platforms in ICT infrastructure to accelerate time to market for your Smart City solutions.

5G is anticipated to realize a wide range of new applications requiring the distributed edge cloud to meet the demands of high bandwidth, ultra-low latency communication and real-time data processing. 5G architecture is essentially designed to take advantage of network disaggregation and virtualization technology to deliver services and applications at the edge. At MWC 2022, Lanner will showcase our latest hardware platforms designed for SD-WAN, Open RAN and MEC. Come visit our booth at Hall 5 (#5E80) from February 26 to March 3, 2022.

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