Taipei, Taiwan – June 4th, 2024 - Lanner Electronics Inc., a global leader in network computing appliances and edge AI computer, today unveiled its latest series of high-performance network security appliances NCA-6250 powered by the latest Intel® Xeon®6 processor. With exceptional high core density, fastest memory capabilities and built-in AI accelerators, the new NCA-6250 delivers exceptional compute and throughput performance per watt for the most demanding network security applications, such as NGFW, DPI, IPS/IDS and content delivery.

Featuring dual sockets of Intel® Xeon®6 processors with Efficient-cores, the NCA-6250 series offers unparalleled processing power in network computing for enterprise security. With up to 144 cores per socket, the Intel® Xeon®6 processor with E-cores delivers up to 5.8x higher NGFW performance and 3.5x higher performance/watt (socket power) with Intel Xeon 6780E vs. 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® 6252N processors on Next Gen Firewall solutions 1, and PCIe 5.0 I/O bandwidth—enabling organizations to handle increasingly complex Next Gen Firewall, such as deep packet inspection, threat detection and prevention, with ease.

Designed for Network AI applications, the NCA-6250 is equipped with built-in accelerators, like Intel® QuickAssist Technology and Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Together deliver exceptional performance to meet demands of modern network security and crypto acceleration.

The NCA-6250’s dual PCIe expansion slots make it versatile for mainstream GPU or FPGA cards, providing the necessary computational power for real-time AI inference. Moreover, these expansion slots enable accelerated deep learning algorithms for identifying patterns associated with known cyber threats, anomalous behaviors, and zero-day vulnerabilities through a comprehensive process encompassing data collection, AI model training, real-time threat detection/response, and continuous learning.

The NCA-6250 sets a new standard in network appliance versatility with its support for up to 8 NIC module slots, supported by Lanner's innovative F.A.S.T Solutions. This cutting-edge feature allows users to customize their appliances to suit the specific requirements of their network infrastructure. With a broad selection of 1~200Gbps ethernet modules, PoE modules, storage module, and programmable Smart NIC modules, the NCA-6250 delivers unmatched versatility and adaptability, empowering enterprises to stay agile and responsive in the face of evolving network challenges.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Intel in launching our latest series of AI-powered network security appliances featuring the Intel Xeon 6 processors," said Jeans Tseng, CTO at Lanner. "The NCA-6250 signifies the next phase of AI advancement in network security and computing technology, offering unparalleled performance, scalability, and versatility to meet the needs of today's digital businesses.

At Computex 2024, Lanner is set to unveil its cutting-edge NCA-6250 AI-powered Network Security appliance, hosted at the Intel Booth (M0104) within the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Join us to discover how Lanner’s AI-powered network security appliance is reshaping the landscape of enterprise network security.

The NCA-6250 series is now available for purchase through Lanner's global network of authorized distributors and resellers. For more information about these innovative solutions, please visit"

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