Lanner has joined Trilogy Networks and the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI) to bring edge compute technology to rural areas, including the coalition’s first “Farm of the Future” deployment announced in June. In this collaboration, Lanner provides the Intelligent Edge Compute platform that enables real-time precision agriculture applications at the rural edge, which will increase operational efficiency and profits by 10%.

The Farm of the Future showcases the potential of a new way to deliver advanced solutions to rural markets. Edge-as-a-service, or EaaS, will give farms and other rural industries the capability to deploy advanced technology solutions quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Lanner provides LTE-ready edge compute platform based on Intel x86 technology. Optimized for cloud-based deployments, the Lanner platform offers the ability to integrate LTE and 5G devices to create multiple interfaces to the network where access technology is limited.

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The first application deployed on the private LTE network is already providing real-time environmental data for temperature and humidity over approximately two acres of greenhouses and another several acres of farmland, allowing to manage fans, heaters, and other environmental equipment, and to receive immediate alarm alerts when an issue arises.

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