Monitoring distributed industrial operations architectures, such as Oil/Gas, Mining, Utilities, or Water/WasteWater is a complex task. Collecting data from these geographically distributed operations is often done through costly SCADA infrastructure, which tends to be limited. Distributed operations need more access to bandwidth, security, and reliability than traditional SCADA communications can’t provide.

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools used to simplify monitoring and control across assets. Lanner’s edge IoT gateways provide the extensive I/O connectivity and computational power necessary to deliver accurate real-time insights directly from the edge to the cloud. Together with ICONICS’ IoT software solution, users can monitor and control systems through any device.

Customers want to adopt modern use cases to enable Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation, but they lack the right technology to liberate the data locked in distributed assets. Challenges to implementing Industry 4.0 include complex data and systems, slow and expensive deployment, and a lack of clear ROI.

Create additional revenue streams and extend new services by using Industrial IoT monitoring solutions that enable insights towards better parts and products. Let Lanner’s Industrial edge hardware become the open platform with the out-of-the-box connectivity and designs to quickly deploy solutions that increase ROI and decrease downtimes.

Paired with Lanner’s diverse range of edge hardware solutions we can jointly tackle the spectrum of key requirements in edge IIoT. This industrial-first IoT data solution unlocks the full benefits of Lanner’s purpose-built edge appliances, accelerating remote deployments. From fast-paced mission-critical edge analytics, to machine vision inspections, anomaly and fault detection, to brownfield analytics for better operational situational awareness. A Lanner + FogLAMP solution is ready to fulfill your IIoT needs.

Most modern systems are mission-critical and cannot afford downtime due to security breaches or lengthy deployments and upgrades. Lanner and ZEDEDA have partnered to provide a flexible and secure foundation for Industrial IoT edge computing. The readily available apps enable edge data ingestion, analytics, and deployment as an advanced industrial router at less than half the cost of current options.

The majority of data and applications reside outside of traditional data centers or cloud environments – it is created and consumed at the edge, where due to bandwidth and latency constraints it is simply not feasible – technologically or economically – to push all data back to a centralized location for processing.