Competing in worldwide markets requires logistics experts who can ensure the product gets to the right locations efficiently.

Of course, with Lanner these complexities are handled in-house so you can focus on what you do best. We will handle every intermittent step from our facilities to the doorstep, this means: duties and taxes, customs, freight S&H and routine status tracking. We have been in the global hardware business for over 30 years, our seasoned compliance and regulatory experts will get your product wherever you need.

Product Stocking & Inventory Management​

Optimizing inventory with your hardware production plan has been key to Lanner’s global success. Depending on your demands, Lanner will design an inventory process to fit your needs​

Drop shipments

Lanner provides a direct-to-customer drop shipment service with all the bells and whistles. Deliver a fully branded package or a white label system from any our worldwide locations


Lanner is perfectly positioned to manufacture and distribute hardware appliances globally while offering complete hardware security using 100% in house manufacturing and vetted component acquisition

RMA Service

In the rare case of a hardware malfunction, Lanner has a streamlined repair/replacement service upon receiving the returned product. To further decrease these occurrences, we send all feedback to our manufacturing facilities to continuously improve our out-of-the box quality and experience.