In their first all-digital Embedded World Conference 2021, Embedded Computing Design has chosen Lanner’s NGC-ready Edge AI Platform as one of the winners singled out for “Best in Show” in the flourishing AI/ML industry. Lanner’s (LEC-2290E) Edge-NGC-based solution was conceived and built to meet the growing, inevitable challenge faced by faster, smarter AI solutions and the physical limits of the dominant cloud and corporate network investments, industry standards, and existing IT workflows.

Even just marginal improvements today that help scale, manage and accelerate AI deployments are highly valuable for incipient and future solutions. The global race towards AI & Machine Learning is on the verge of developing into a runaway AI accelerating arms race, with power-efficient embedded and powerful edge hardware currently at the frontlines. What will undoubtedly be considered rudimentary AI software in just a couple of years, is today already severely limited if not untenable without powerful close proximity/edge processing.

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Thankfully, the vast diversity of innovative, useful, and highly desirable AI solutions have embraced open collaboration and mutually beneficial standards with a pragmatic consensus to build solutions that leverage existing cloud infrastructure, skill sets, and workflows. Opening the door to further simplification, integration, and pre-validations for solutions that circumvent inexperience, risks, and costs in the often necessary jump to distributed/edge computing. Today you can easily depend on existing talents, workflows, and infrastructure with our validated edge computing system ready for NGC containers and their widely used software, stacks, and frameworks/integrations to leverage existing IT capabilities.

Circumvent long times, costs, and unexpected hurdles in remote edge deployments, developments, and management.

Lanner offers its low-maintenance, reliable, flexible, and tested HW solution built with open standards and compute for a wide range of powerful AI & parallel workloads with its NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU.

Quickly test, deploy and update solutions from an extensive catalog of both proprietary and open-source software containers to focus on your main solution and expertise. All offerings are vetted and tested by NVIDIA under their NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Catalog initiative, edge hardware passing NVIDIA’s testing process such as Lanner’s is classified as “NGC-ready” specifically in edge deployments.

Lanner will be taking part in the NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference as a 2021 PLATINUM partner (April 12-16). Don’t miss out on this amazing event. Registration is free and gives you access to all the live sessions, interactive panels, demos, research posters, and more.

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Intelligent Edge Computing Box PC w/ Support for Intel® Core™ i7-8700T/i7-8700

CPU Support Intel® Core™ i7-8700T/i7-8700 Core i (FCLGA1152), Codenamed Coffee Lake S
Chipset FH82C246

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