Security Appliances for Enterprise, Industrial Edge, and Telecom Infrastructure

Digitalization transformation creates new cyber vulnerabilities from edge to cloud networks. Enterprises migrate their security and applications to the cloud, while industries deploy billions of IoT devices and internet service providers virtualize their network services at the edge.

Lanner has been the leader in the rapid-growing network security industry for over three decades. Today, we have the advantages of system-level design/engineering and long-established manufacturing capability to provide customers with customized network security appliances deployed in enterprises/branches, industrial edges, and telecom infrastructure.


IT Security Enterprise 

To meet the demand for advanced security for enterprises, Lanner provides a complete range of high-performance network security appliances, featuring high-frequency processors, built-in firmware security, and crypto acceleration. Lanner security appliances are also equipped with NIC module slots, offering a broad selection of expansion requirements, including 1/10/25/40/100G copper/fiber interface, NVMe SSD storage, 4K video transcoding, and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity.

Applications: SASE, NGFW, UTM, Application Delivery, WAN Optimization, Hyperscale Security

  • NCA-6520

    • 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon CPU
    • Max. 1536GB Memory
    • 8x NIC, 2x RJ45, 1x Console
  • NCA-5230_front


    • Intel® Comet Lake S
    • 8x RJ45 & 8x SFP
    • Max.128GB DDR4
  • NCA-5310_front


    • AMD 3rd Gen EPYC
    • Max. 512GB Memory
    • 4x NIC Module Slots
  • NCA-1513_front


    • Intel Atom Denverton
    • 1x DDR4 Max. 32GB
    • 6xRJ45 or 4xRJ45+2xSFP


OT Security for Industrial Edge

Designed as a security gateway for critical infrastructures such as power stations, oil refineries, and renewable energy infrastructure, Lanner provides rugged security gateways that can manage, monitor, and control the systems deployed in SCADA, PLC, and industrial control systems.

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Applications: Substation Security, ICS/SCADA Security, Industrial UTM, Critical Infra Security


  • LEC-6041_front


    • Intel® Atom™ CPU
    • 5x RJ45, 2x USB
    • 2x COM
  • LEK-IS401_angle


    • Intel i210IS
    • 4x GbE SFP ports
  • LEK-IG401_angle


    • Intel i210IT
    • 4x GbE RJ45 ports
  • LEC-3340_front6


    • Intel Atom Denverton
    • 1x DDR4 Max. 32GB
    • 6xRJ45 or 4xRJ45+2xSFP



CT Security for Telco Infrastructure

Addressing firewall challenges at the 5G edge cloud, Lanner has partnered with leading software partners to provide a scalable firewall solution that runs on Lanner’s HTCA multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform. It delivers a pre-integrated, scale-out edge firewall service featuring pay-as-you-grow economics, analytics, easy installation, configuration, and remote monitoring.

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Applications: SASE, Data Center Firewall, 5G Edge Security, Open RAN, MEC


  • ECA-4027_front


    • Intel® Xeon D-2100
    • Short Depth Chassis
    • Wide Temperature
  • HTCA-6400A_front---update


    • 8x Scalable Xeon CPUs
    • 2x Switch, 1x Storage Blade
    • NEBS compliant design
  • HTCA-6600_Front_2021


    • 12x Cascade Lake CPU
    • 2x Switch, 4x Ether Blade
    • NEBS compliant design
  • HTCA-E400_front


    • 4U Edge Server
    • Intel ICE Lake CPU
    • Short Depth Chassis