Best Efficient PCIe AI Accelerator Card

Lanner’s Falcon H8 modular, PCIe form factor provides an easily deployable solution for engineers looking to offload CPU loading for low-latency deep learning inference. With high-density AI processors, the Falcon H8 accommodates 4, 5, or 6 Hailo-8™ AI processors, offering a modular, cost-effective Edge AI solution with high processing capabilities and power efficiency.


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PCIe interface for Flexible Deployment

Through a standard PCIe interface, the Falcon H8 AI Accelerator Card enables legacy devices such as NVRs, Edge AI boxes, Industrial PCs and robots to run video-intensive, mission-critical Edge AI applications such as video analytics, traffic management, access control, and beyond.

NVRs & Edge AI Boxes   Industrial Gateways & PCs   Industrial Robots



Accelerating Edge AI Applications

FALCON-H8 enables scalable, powerful, cost-effective and low power consumption intelligent video analytics (IVA) applications for intelligent transportation, smart cities, smart retail and Industry 4.0 devices

  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Automatic number-plate recognition
  • traffic flow analytics
  • Flow & Queue analysis
  • Smart advertising
  • Customer identification
  • Store inspection
  • Hazard and crime detection
  • Parking laws enforcement
  • Public health Monitoring
  • Quality control automation
  • Line inspection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Vision-based inventory tracking



AI Toolchain and Developer Tools

The Hailo Dataflow Compiler API seamlessly integrates with existing deep learning development frameworks to allow smooth and easy integration in existing development ecosystems. Hailo Dataflow Compiler is used for compiling users’ models to Hailo binaries. The input of the Dataflow Compiler is a trained Deep Learning model. The output is a binary file that is loaded to the Hailo device. The HailoRT API is used for deploying the built model on the target device. This library is used by runtime applications.


Falcon H8

  • Best-in-class Performance And Cost-efficiency
  • Scalable, Supports 4, 5 or 6 Hailo-8™ AI Processors
  • High Power Efficiency, Low Power Consumption
  • Commercial and Industrial Grade Support
  • Enablement Software Package with Advanced Deep Learning Models
  • Reference Applications
  • Hailo-8™ Software Development Tools Significantly Reduce the Time to Market of AI Applications