Foundation of Networking Innovation

I help found 128 Technology to usher in a wave of innovation in networking through the application of software to IP Networking. In every industry, widely available programming capabilities have transformed them. Software defined radios have transformed wireless networks, computer controlled machines have revolutionized manufacturing and many more. We expect the IP Networking world to be completely transformed in the next decade through innovative software.

128 Technology is reinventing networking by creating software IP routers that are session aware. This super power enables 128 Technology routers to perform routing, load balancing, firewalling, and other networking functions simultaneously. 128 Technology supports SD-WAN use cases without the use of IPSEC tunnels, saving 30% of total bandwidth. By not using tunnels, problems with mixed media go away, and the SD-WAN solution can support voice and video much more natively. 128 Technology also support multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud connectivity solutions. Our customers use us to connect to their VPCs at AWS, Google, and Azure. We support all three in one networking model, making our solution truly multi-cloud.

Open vCPE platforms

This software revolution would not be possible without reliable purpose built hardware. Lanner has emerged as the leading manufacturer of hardware platforms for networking. These platforms meet or exceed all requirements at a much better price point than general purpose computer platforms. Often the servers intended for general data center use are missing features/functions required for networking. General purpose computers often lack the correct number of interfaces, have insufficient support for add on cards, are physically to large, or simply are overbuilt and expensive.

At 128 Technology, our routing software is used in many different use cases. In each one, the perfect hardware platform has different requirements. Lanner has created platforms that are perfect for each use case.


128 Technology’s innovative Secure Vector Routing supports the SD-WAN use case without the use of tunnels. Many of the current customers for this solution have widely disseminated properties with often poor connectivity. The Lanner platforms have the unique capability of supporting 3rd party T1/E1 connectivity which is often a requirement. Lanner also supports in-chassis LTE radios often used for multi-path routing. Customers also need to have multiple interfaces for networking to support their existing topologies. The trade off between size, cost, and reliability define the ideal SD-WAN platform.

Industrial Computing

128 Technology’s software routers are often used as secure gateway routers that connect the operational control networks in industries to their corporate networks and public clouds. This permits new flows of operational information from sensors, things and controllers to reach big data application processes in data centers. Lanner has products that are intended to be used in industrial locations. These products can handle the extreme environments, providing us the perfect platform for these use cases.

Managed Network Services

128 Technology’s software is often used as part of a service provider’s product offering. Frequently the software and lanner hardware are combined with a service that includes networking to create an offering. These offerings include services like:

  • Copy data backup
  • Cloud based contact center services
  • Cloud based voice analysis services
  • Cloud based enterprise communication services

The form factor, capabilities, and cost of the existing Lanner platforms are ideal for these type of offerings. The benefit to the service provider is a much quicker turnup for new customers. The service provider gets the benefit of extending their SLA all the way into a customers network, solving much of the finger pointing. Having multi-path routing also increases the availability, and avoids outages. Alternatives like MPLS or private circuits cost more, and take considerable time and engineering for implementation. The Lanner hardware effectively becomes a service termination gateway when used with the 128 Technology software. Our Managed Network Service customers have a range of Lanner platforms to choose from based on their performance requirements.

The foundation of our success is the Lanner product family. Without hardware to run on, software is worthless. Software reliability is only as good as the hardware reliability. The target solution cost and the end customer’s ROI requires low costs, high quality, and purpose built hardware. We could not produce the best hardware platform AND the best software platform at the same time. Our customers have the distinct advantage of knowing that the Lanner platforms will support not just our software, but any number of other vendors as well. By separating software from hardware, both can innovate in specialized way independently, creating an ecosystem.

The future in networking is best of breed hardware platforms with innovative software capabilities. At 128 Technology, we intend to be the market leader in innovation. Lanner is a partner in this revolution in networking.

About Patrick Melampy, CTO of 128 Technology

Patrick Melampy, one of the co-founders of 128 Technology, has served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and director since inception. With Andrew, Patrick co-founded Acme Packet Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Officer since August 2000. Patrick has nearly 15 years of communications engineering experience. He served as Vice President of Engineering of Priority Call Management since 1989. At PCM, Patrick developed and supported PCM’s network telecommunications products and grew the engineering team from two to 75 members. He has developed intellectual property portfolios at PCM, LHS PCM, and Acme Packet. Patrick holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Boston University.