Network operators have adopted network element management systems (NEMS) and network management systems (NMS) to ensure streamlined interoperability and information transmission across the complex multiple operating systems and telecommunication networks.

These centralized management systems and tools can manage network addresses, traffic, load balancing, data backup, in addition to monitor routers and switches, hypervisors, servers, and applications. This allows operators to supervise individual components and conduct performance analysis in order to troubleshoot network issues, improve network security, and ensure optimal performance.

Analyze and Visualize the entire network

Centralized management solutions reveal insights from the data of connected sensors and edge devices to maximize performance, increase visibility, and reduce downtime. Each tool provides different degrees of analysis to monitor performance, track performance data indicators and proactively enable notifications about any performance issues.

A blind spot of these systems is the inability to visualize end-user (person or machine) experience and overall flow of traffic throughout the network, which can be fulfilled by Quality of Experience (QoE)-driven network management solutions. With QoE, there will be a broader, more comprehensive understanding of the performance and impact of the network content delivery and communications systems.

Multi-WAN IIoT Assurance with AI

To supplement traditional network management systems, the next generation of IoT assurance systems provides real-time QoE scoring from the edge-to the cloud, and increased overall visibility across public or private 4G, 5G, and LTE networks. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive the IoT assurance system can give a better picture of how network performance translates into user experience, in real-time.

QoE-based IoT assurance systems can maximize impact of resource allocation, increased satisfaction of users, in addition to anticipate and resolve problems.

Lanner Technologies for IIoT

Lanner’s LEC-7242 is an industrial grade wireless gateway IPC, designed for IoT/IIoT edge, wireless security and multi-site management solutions. Powered with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU, this wireless gateway is suitable for deployment in mining networks, electrical utilities substations, smart factory, and smart city.

This IIoT assurance platform can integrate a converged IT and OT environment to analyze and monitor the QoE delivered over mission-critical networks, in real-time.

Featured Product


Industrial wireless gateway with Intel® Apollo Lake CPU and FCC/CE/PTCRB certification for LTE or Wifi

CPU Intel® Apollo Lake: Celeron® N3350 / Atom® X5-E3940
Chipset None

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