As a key manufacturer in network communication hardware, Lanner has earned TL 9000 telecommunication certification for its quality management in its telecom-oriented carrier-grade network appliances. TL 9000 is considered the enhanced version of ISO 9000 series certification in the telecommunication industry. It specifies certain quality requirements for telecom reliability unfound in traditional ISO 9000 series. The certification of Lanner’s network communication hardware platforms has presented the manufacturer’s determination to gain a competitive edge in the telecommunication industry.

The telecommunication is determined as one of the most dynamic industry in the following years and the worldwide rising demand for wireless telecom network has driven the need for standardization of quality and deployment to achieve flexibility in services. With the TL 9000 certification and long-established manufacturing capability, Lanner will be confident to deliver high-quality hardware designs and customization services.

Since the establishment of telecommunication application business unit last year, Lanner has introduced various telecom-oriented, carrier-grade hardware solutions, such as the ultra-throughput and modularized 6U appliance HTCA-6600. In addition, Lanner has established multiple partnerships with carrier-grade VNF network security software providers to further build-up its foothold in the telecommunication ecosystem. Now that Lanner has earned the TL 9000 certification, it will even enhance our competitiveness in the industry.

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Under TL9000 standards, Lanner has implemented quality management and evaluation systems in accordance with the certifications. TL 9000 specifies the requirements of risk control and protocol reliability in networking which are unfound in ISO-9000 series. In fact, quality management of TL 9000 also includes the measurement of product lifespan and failure rates, which can better evaluate production quality and build up a TQM (Total Quality Management).

To supply high-quality networking appliances, Lanner has passed the quality management certifications of ISO-9001, IECQ QC080000, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001, ISO-28000, TW AEO and TL 9000. The continuous effort in receiving certifications in quality management standards will enhance Lanner’s corporate images and reinforce the company’s philosophy in professionalism of manufacturing.