Taipei, Taiwan, Mar. 22, 2022, Lanner Electronics, the leading network hardware provider for enterprise network security and intelligent edge computing, today announced that it will join NVIDIA GTC 2022 to discuss how to leverage NVDIA AI edge computing platform to enable Smart City solutions for 5G at the edge. Integrated with NVIDIA GPUs, Lanner industrial-grade Edge AI platforms enable Smart City solutions with specific requirements for low-latency, high-throughput, 5G connectivity and/or power efficiency in reliable and mission-critical applications.

A Smart City is a well-connected city that constantly and intelligently interacts with environments, things, and human beings. At the scale of a city, punctual data processing and smart service delivery require accelerated and coordinated edge and cloud infrastructures. Likewise, continuously growing and metabolizing infrastructures demand rapid implementations, elastic workload orchestration, and a GPU-accelerated methodology.

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At a session at GTC, Lanner and Tensor Networks will discuss how the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated edge AI platform can build smart city infrastructures efficiently and economically. The companies will showcase realistic and tangible use cases of an orchestrated computer vision system enabled with NVIDIA technologies for 5G infrastructure, transportation and logistics.

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