Determined to further strengthen global competitiveness, Lanner is proudly to announce that it has been certified as AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) by Keelung Customs. In fact, Lanner is among the first leading manufacturer in Taiwan to receive the certification. Under this global supply chain standard, Lanner will strengthen its shipment efficiency and service as well as ensured logistics for our clients.

With the increasing security threats to the international shipments of goods, customs around the world are placing stronger emphasis on the trade flows. To assure secured and punctual delivery while meeting the security challenges, WCO (World Customs Organization) drew up the concept of AEO to assist customs in the world to meet the new security challenges while helping corporations boost up their shipment of goods. In other words, the AEO supply chain standards are implemented to establish partnerships between customs and enterprises. The partnership will accelerate custom clearance with ensured security.

As a certified AEO, Lanner not only receives privileges for prioritized inspection of documents and goods, efficient custom clearance, and assured safety in logistics, but can also take advantage of the similar benefits in countries with mutual AEO recognitions such as U.S.A. Israel, Singapore and Korea. With AEO approval, not only will Lanner further strengthen corporate presence and legitimacy, but also enhance its supply chain competitiveness by ensuring the safety and quality of the goods during import and export.

About Lanner

Lanner Electronics Inc. (TAIEX 6245) is a world-leading hardware provider in design, engineering, and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged industrial computers. Lanner provides reliable and customizable computing platforms with high quality and performance. Today, Lanner has a large and dynamic manpower of over 800 well-experienced employees worldwide with the headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and China.