Large scale enterprises with multiple national and international branches replace the traditional IT infrastructure with virtual network services and new business models. The increasing demand for Virtual Network Services during the pandemic requires a solid, secure network infrastructure with zero-touch provisioning for managed WAN services.

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Virtualization, cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile devices are all contributing to exponential increases in traffic volumes. To cope, services are moving closer to the Edge, and network traffic generated by telemetry, usage monitoring and traffic analysis are driving the cost of Load Balancing, Packet Brokering and Telemetry collection through the roof.

SASE is the simplified architecture which converge network security and SD-WAN, offering the agility and simplicity through software-defined traffic prioritization, firewall, load-balancing and WAN optimization. SASE requires a high-compute hardware to run SD-WAN and all the virtualized security functions on top of the WAN architecture.

Today's telco business challenge is to transform the infrastructure backbone and become digital service providers beyond the traditional voice and data network infrastructure. Disaggregating the network by separating hardware from software is nothing new in the telco industry. The carrier's strategy of transforming its network infrastructure is well underway and SD-WAN and universal CPE deployments have taken off over the last few years. The same business model now applies to other areas in the network infrastructure, not only those using Whitebox compute platforms with the optimal underlying open infrastructure deploying with tools available to support scalability.

The availability of 5G in 2020 presents both opportunities and challenges for the communication service providers, as moving network services to 5G networks requires high volume of investments in infrastructures. New disruptive technologies at virtualized edge, such as uCPE/SD-WAN and MEC,   have reduced a significant the total cost of ownership while increased the service agility and interoperability.

The network edge must scale to support an exponential growth in bandwidth demand, in the number of connected devices and in the volume of applications demanding low-latency. To meet this demand – the edge requires a scalable, high-performance, power-and-space-efficient computing platform on which to develop, deploy and upgrade network functions. Emerging edge platforms need to satisfy the diverse and varying infrastructure needs of a multiple network constituents including cloud providers, communication service providers and enterprises.

As in the previous years, Lanner looks forward to present ISC West of 2020 with the latest and greatest in hardware platform technology for today’s intelligent video security and analytics applications.