The wireless data network has steadily advanced over the past 30 years and the fifth-generation wireless technology is expected to connect everything around us with an ultra-fast, highly responsive, and extremely reliable network. 5G is fast, one hundred times faster than 4G, and low latency, four millisecond latency which is extremely close to real-time, in addition to increased reliability, meaning ensured delivery of time-critical information – unlocking exciting new usage application.

5G together with edge computing, has the ability to timely handle, process, and analyze large amount of data, which leverages the full potential of advanced technologies such as autonomous vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Autonomous vehicles will change the experience of riding in cars, making it more pleasant, less stressful and more productive.

The many benefits of autonomous technologies include greater road safety, reduce traffic congestion, increased fuel efficiency, and increase greater independence for people with disabilities. It reduces driver operating costs, while avoiding the costs of crashes and hence, reduce insurance costs. Autonomous vehicles can reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions due to moderated optimal drive speed and fewer traffic jams.


Autonomous vehicles rely on sensors, machine learning systems, complex algorithms, and powerful processors to gather and analyze the data in order to send instructions to the car’s actuators, which control acceleration, braking, and steering.

To meet the unique needs of an autonomous vehicle system, the platform needed to meet specific requirements, including:

  • High computing power: Supports server-grade Intel Xeon Scalable processor with extreme performance
  • 10G Connectivity: High uplink and downlink bandwidth for inter-networks communications
  • PCIe Expansion Slot:  support Nvidia GPU accelerator flow processing for deep machine-learning and related Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions.

Featured Products

Lanner introduced the Intel Xeon edge computing hardware solution for autonomous technologies. Powered by 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family and Intel® C626 or C621 chipset, Lanner edge computing platform features optimized computing power and virtualization capacity in a compact 1U form factor.

The edge computing platform supports improved memory bandwidth with up to 320GB DDR4 system memory at 2933/2666/2400/2133 MHz (by CPU), and flexible HDD/SDD storage options. The platform supports PCIe expansion of GPU accelerator for machine learning and processing, in addition to 10G fiber connectivity. The edge computing platform delivers a multitude of advanced networking features for maximizing packet processing efficiency and cryptography acceleration.