MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to Carrier Ethernet network and services. With over 200 members consisting of service providers, software and hardware technology suppliers who work together to define new standards and best practices to accelerate enterprise digital transformation, their establishment aims to solve challenges in our industry by promoting the use of network technology -- optical fiber Ethernet in the metropolitan network. Recently, it has significantly broadened its scope to include underlay connectivity services such as Optical, Carrier Ethernet, IP, and most important of all, the overlay digital services including 5G, SD-WAN Services and SASE. 

With leading analysts expressing optimism about the revenue growth of the global managed SD-WAN services market in the following years, SD-WAN is expected to be the only way to interface policy with an intelligent software-defined network. Through standardization, the standardized and orchestrated overlay/underlay services can be integrated and offer enhanced customer experience with better service quality and resiliency. 

Also, as COVID-19 accelerated the migration of applications and data to the cloud and the Work from Home (WFH) trend, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture emerged. Originally introduced by Gartner in 2019, the distributed SASE security architecture claimed to address the issues faced by a global remote workforce and overcome the traditional physical security perimeter's limitations. 

Endeavoring to guide the global communications industry towards a promising future, MEF is contributed to the advancement of the SD-WAN services market through standardization and certification of services. Since 2020, MEF has been conducting several advanced projects on major SD-WAN and SASE-related initiatives, looking to accelerate SD-WAN market growth with the new hybrid networking solutions optimized for 5G and digital transformation. 

Source: MEF

The MEF Forum SD-WAN standard being on track towards a major upgrade in 2021, the MEF community has shifted to one of the most significant industry challenges: Cloud-native SASE, enhancing network security, Carrier Ethernet Enabling 5G Fronthaul, Slicing for Shared 5G Fronthaul, and Backhaul. 

Following most of Lanner Telecom partners are already in MEF forum, including AT&T, Accedian, ADVA, Bell Canada, Ciena, ekinops, EXFO, Verizon, FiberHome, Fortinet, NEC/Netcracker, NTT, Nuage Networks, Telco Systems and Versa Networks, Lanner strives to accelerate SD-WAN and SASE deployments and will be the first OEM/ODM expert to join MEF forum. This participation will not only broaden the partnership for the ecosystem but also strengthen the Whitebox solution in Open development API capability and service standards in SD-WAN, SASE and SDN/NFV platforms towards digital transformation. 

Furthering partaking in the MEF, Lanner has set sight on achieving MEF 3.0 certification, which validates that the individual has demonstrated the requisite knowledge level associated with the specific certifications covering both MEF-defined services and technology and general knowledge underpinning MEF service standards and APIs: 

  • Standardized, Orchestrated Services 
  • Open LSO APIs 
  • Agile Service & Technology Certification 
  • Community Collaboration 

Lanner is convinced that with MEF 3.0 certification, we can expedite the compliance with the industry standards for 5G Whitebox appliances, SD-WAN services and SASE products, ensuring our customer’s investments and preemptive preparation for WAN transformation requirements. 

With SD-WAN and SASE platform to comply with MEF standard Open API, and automation APIs, Lanner can optimize 5G products for SD-WAN Services, including 5G Slices and End-to-End Slicing, along with early market entrance to ensure that real-world experience and actual SASE products are considered in future standardization.