Formal creation of the Lanner Cultural Foundation

The Lanner Cultural Foundation was formally established by Lanner Electronics Inc. in April 2017. The Foundation was officially approved by the Education Department of New Taipei City in the same year. Lanner has continued to grow in revenue, profitability and assets over the 30 years since its creation. A sense of mission on giving back to the community and CSR fulfillment inspired the creation of the Lanner Foundation to work with Lanner Electronics Inc. on corporate philanthropy. The four key ideals of "Grassroots Education", "Cultural Development", "Local Initiative" and "Positive Cycle of Charity" serves as the Foundation's guide for charitable initiatives that fulfill a business' responsibility to give back to the community. By taking action to fix problems, we hope to amplify our influence and make society a better place.

Development axis and direction

Lanner Foundation planning for 2017 was divided into two main areas. One was educational assistance for disadvantaged students and the other was cooperation with Lanner's CSR initiatives. The "Lanner Foundation" worked with charity resources (e.g. MJBA, Asia-Pacific Diversified Learning Association, Growth Holistic Care Association) to provide disadvantaged students with diversified learning. Through learning, the students can discover their own interests and cultivate their future competitiveness. At the same time, Lanner employees volunteer for charity activities on their own initiative and give directly back to the local community. The Foundation also offers scholarships to vocational schools through an industry-academia cooperation model to continue motivating and cultivating outstanding talent in Taiwan's technology education.