Lanner, a global leader in network appliances and IoT platforms manufacturing, proudly announces that its LEC-7388S is the first Crestron 4K certified digital signage PC. Built with Intel® HD Graphic controller and HDMI output, LEC-7388S passed significant Creston certification criteria including TMDS Signal Integrity, 4K Protocol Compliance, and Video Protocol Compliance, as well as the highest verified resolution up to 4096x2160 at 24Hz. This proves Lanner’s solid expertise in high-resolution computing platform design and its product LEC-7388S is 4K ready.

The first Crestron certified PC system LEC-7388S is a 4K-ready digital signage PC driven by Intel Haswell processor (Core i5/i3 or Celeron 2000E) and Intel HD Graphic 4600 GPU. This box PC is purposely-built to support 4K content delivery, with hardware based 4K decoder through its HDMI output port. Along with Intel AMT remote management feature, LEC-7388S is ideal for unmanned environment to deliver and broadcast digital content with enhanced visual experience by Ultra Resolution up to 4096x2160 at 24Hz.

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About Crestron 4K Certification

Crestron is dedicated to providing the only fully certified end-to-end 4K distribution solution, addressing compatibility issues between manufacturers, cable length limitations, potentially mismatched resolutions, and other challenges encountered in distributing 4K video. Its DigitalMedia Lab in Rockleigh, NJ is staffed by engineering experts and outfitted with an unparalleled investment in state-of-the-art test equipment. Crestron 4K Certification comes only after the completion of a rigorous test process and serves as a guarantee that verified sources and displays will work in a distributed system powered by DM. Crestron publishes a test report for each device with a wide range of valuable information, including an EDID report, CEC test results, and signal lock performance data.
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