The growing number of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) and SCADA attacks has generated great concerns for the cyber security of critical infrastructures including nuclear plants, power substations and hydro facilities. To reinforce industrial network security, Lanner has launched its robust and compact platform LEC-6021A, a firewall or UTM designed to perform white-listing, protocol filtering and access detections in remote and isolated environments.

Lanner LEC-6021A is innovated to offer comprehensive functionalities in one compact platform. Functionality wise, LEC-6021A is built with power-efficient Intel® Atom™ N2600 CPU ideal for industrial environment where power consumption shall be as minimal as possible. For network connectivity, LEC-6021A comes with five RJ-45 LAN ports and two SFP LAN ports. This allows the Lanner security box PC to connect with multiple network devices. In addition, one pair of the LAN ports support LAN Bypass in case of a failover occurs. In case of accidental or external catastrophic conditions, one serial COM port and the LAN ports are built with isolation protection, making LEC-6021A ideal for industrial applications.

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Regarding operability in harsh environments, LEC-6021A fully complies with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 industrial standards, wide temperature operability from -40℃ to 75℃, and EMC tested. With these strict compliances, LEC-6021A ensures ideal operational states even if it is deployed in the most challenged environments.

LEC-6021A offers comprehensive cyber security for critical infrastructures. For further information, please visit Lanner at