Lanner today announced the addition of another fanless industrial PC, the LEC-6230, to the LEC-6000 Series, which is designed for a full range of industrial automation and power and energy communication applications such as ICS cyber security.

The LEC-6230 is an IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified industrial grade cyber security gateway for power substations. Designed with high availability for withstanding the most challenging conditions, the LEC-6230 operates over a broad temperature range (-20°C to 55°C) and is armed with ESD/surge isolation protections on serial COM ports and magnetic isolations on LAN ports.

Built with flexible Ethernet or serial connectivity for meeting different deployment scenarios, the LEC-6230’s rich and expandable I/O modules include optional 4+4 GbE LAN ports, 4+8 GbE LAN ports, 4 GbE LAN+2 GbE SFP ports and 4 GbE SFP ports. The Intel® "Ivy Bridge" i7-3517UE CPU on which the LEC-6230 is built upon offers high performance, remote manageability, security, power saving capabilities, making the LEC-6230 a specifically ideal platform for safeguarding critical industrial automation and power communication infrastructures.

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In terms of physical dimensions, the LEC-6230 measures 440mm x 88mm x 270mm and weighs 2.1 kilogram; its other features include the Intel i350, 82583V LAN controller, corrugated aluminum casing and optional RJ45 GbE, SFP Fiber, additional serial COM ports and optional LAN bypass function.