Today Lanner released the LEC-2270, a fanless, 2nd Generation Intel Core CPU driven embedded system with 3G capabilities, multiple expansion options and a wide temperature range. It is positioned for the high-end industrial automation and digital signage market.

“Similar to many other Lanner appliances, the LEC-2270 features a mini-PCIe expansion slot with an attached SIM card reader which can be used for 3G or GPS communication,” said Spencer Chou, Lanner’s Applied Computing Product Planner. “Wireless communication is a required feature for the bulk of our customers, and so all our newer models now come with the Mini-PCI Express slot with a SIM card reader.

The two most attractive features on the LEC-2270 are the fanless design and the proprietary interface. The fanless design allows for product reliability and longevity. The proprietary interface is for a daughter board that can be added for additional I/O. Reserved signals for that daughter board include PCI Express, SATA, USB, GPIO, audio and serial signals.

The LEC-2270 uses the Intel HM65 chipset and is compatible with the 2nd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 (codenamed Sandy Bridge) and Intel Celeron CPUs. This system uses DDR 3 memory through two SO-DIMM slots, allowing up to 16GBs of RAM.

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Using Intel integrated HD graphics; the platform can use multiple displays along with dual streams of video. The LEC-2270 features an HDMI, VGA and a DVI-D video port for full high definition graphics.

When equipped with industrial grade components, including hard disc drives and RAM, the LEC-2270 has a wide temperature range between -20º and 55º Celsius.

The standard platform includes another Mini-PCI Express slot as well as a PCI Express lane that can be used either as one PCIe slot or two PCI slots. The LEC-2270 also features an abundance of I/O including mic-in, line out, two serial ports, two Intel LAN ports and six USB ports. There is a +9 to 30 Volts input range to support a variety of power sources.

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