Today, Lanner Electronics Inc. unveiled the LEC-5530N and LVC-5550S, two cost-effective, fanless in-vehicle computers utilizing the Intel® Atom™ processor. The LEC-5530N features the Intel® Atom™ D525 1.8GHz, while the LVC-5550S has the Intel® Atom™ D2550 1.86GHz. Both are designed for in-vehicle remote tracking/monitoring, computer-aided dispatching, public transportation surveillance, infotainment, emergency medical services and fleet management.

“The LVC-5550S is a great value for its price point,” said Eric Chiu, Lanner’s Applied Computing Director. “Using industrial components and designed to minimize vibration, the LVC-5550S is based on the MIL-STD-810G guidelines and passed shock damage and temperature tests. It’s definitely suited for harsh environments with temperatures ranging between -30º and 60º Celsius.

The LVC-5550S has three Mini-PCIe sockets for expansion, and comes with two external SIM card readers to allow for 3G communication and wider bandwidth. These three sockets can be used with video capture cards, Wi-Fi modules and 3G modules to ensure vehicle monitoring status and external wireless communication. The LVC-5550S also features an intelligent power management system, a removable hard drive and a suspension kit for extreme vibration resistance.

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The Ignition System Management (ISM) software included with the LVC-5550S and LEC-5530N has the ability to detect the ignition on/off status and configure delay control with low voltage protection. The computers can also power on remotely by 3G Ring or SMS.

The LEC-5530N is equipped with four PoE LAN Switch ports. These PoE LAN Switch ports can be used to connect cameras for surveillance and network video recording applications. It also provides an optional Stretch® S7 16-channel video input with AVC/H.264. Lanner gave a demonstration of the LEC-5530N at the COMPUTEX 2012 expo. The live demo attracted many visitors to the Lanner booth and created quite a buzz with this in-vehicle computer.