A multi-service gateway (MSG) is a highly integrated device that combines multiple network functions and data communications into one single service, a very budgetary solution targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retail setting. The functions of a multi-service gateway include routing, VoIP, and security instructions like VPN, firewall and IPS/IDS. More advanced smart gateways may also be programmed with web filtering, email server, high-volume storage and wireless networking hub.

Multi-service gateways are specifically designed for SMEs and branch offices with low total cost of ownerships, satisfying performance for SME/retail environments, unified management, simple installation and easier maintenance. Multi-service gateways can also be applied to promote virtual business applications such as software as a service, for SMEs and retail environments with limited budgets.

Recommended Lanner Network Appliances for Multi-service Gateway

Lanner offer compact, well-integrated fanless desktop network systems that can be deployed in enterprise branches and small offices to ensure that emails, messages and contact information are all protected from possible cyber intrusions.

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