Nowadays, small and medium enterprises are relying more and more on smart cloud services in order to stay connected anytime and anywhere. Indeed, cloud-based service solutions provide SMEs the flexibility and scalability for connections among their branches and client devices, at a lower investment in physical hardware. However, while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of cloud service solutions, the SMB communication networks are also exposed to cyber threats and are sometimes the victims to cyber attacks as well.

Most of SMEs are lack of the sufficient funding required for investment in high-end, mainstream data centers full of top-level firewall and UTM platforms. Therefore, SMEs need compact, well-integrated network systems that can be deployed in enterprise branches and small offices to ensure that emails, messages and contact information are all protected from possible cyber intrusions.


This year, an expanding company in Europe which specializes in providing cloud business solutions to SMEs, came to Lanner for the hardware platforms. The company wishes to bring together the next-generation firewall capabilities in a single network appliance, including intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus, anti-malware, VPN/web filtering, deep packet inspection, blacklisting and setting inbound/outbound policies for traffic restrictions. On the other hand, since the company is dedicated in the SMEs sector, deployment flexibility is another major concern. The required hardware system must be ultra-compact in form factor and well-integrated to perform all the needed security tasks.

Other technological requirements include:

  • Fanless and zero-noise in offices with a data center
  • LAN Bypass for reliable network operations and alternative
  • Wireless communications
  • Most importantly, a performance-and-power balanced CPU programmed with built-in cryptographic acceleration technologies
  • Wide compatibility and interoperability

Lanner’s Solutions

By taking SMEs deployment environments into considerations, Lanner offers NCA-1010 and FW-7525 as the optimal UTM solutions for SMBs or branch offices. Both are designed in compact fanless desktop form factor and are empowered by Intel x86 architecture with security instructions.

NCA-1010 is Lanner’s revolutionary ultra compact x86 networking system built with Intel® Bay Trail CPU (Atom™ E3815/E3825). The central processor comes with hardware-assisted security mechanisms including AES-NI, allowing only authorized software or data to run on NCA-1010. With built-in instruction commands, NCA-1010 helps manage and secure devices connected to local WiFi network, like a compact entry-level firewall or multi-service gateway.

Despite its compact size, NCA-1010 delivers rich I/O connectivity and wireless capability. NCA-1010 comes three LAN ports for network connections, with one HDMI port for high definition display, one console port for device network management, two USB ports (one in USB 2.0 and another in USB 3.0 specifications) for external devices, and one antenna hole for signal reception. Internally, NCA-1010 comes with a mini-PCIe socket that can support mainstream wireless network protocols, including 3G/LTE/WiFi. The rich I/O connectivity makes NCA-1010 a widely deployable network gateway in small area network environments.

Lanner’s FW-7525 can be considered a value compact desktop appliance due to its rich functionality and network redundancy design. The fanless desktop network appliance utilizes Intel Atom™ C2000 Series Processors, including dual-core C2358, quad-core C2518 or C2558 (Codenamed “Rangeley”), to deliver multi-core performance and built-in Intel QuickAssist crypto acceleration technology. The hardware-assisted crypto accelerator helps secure enterprise networks. For connectivity redundancy, FW-7525 comes with 6 GbE RJ-45 LAN ports, featuring 1 pair LAN bypass functionality to ensure network operation when interruption occurs. For wireless network, FW-7525 supports an internal mini-PCIe socket that supports both PCIe and USB signals for wireless network cards.

For easy installation onto rack cabinet at SMBs environment, Lanner also offer rack mount kit that can fit dual FW-7525 desktop network appliances. For details, please contact Lanner representatives.

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