Enhanced security operations such as physical security and surveillance analytics are required by almost all industries, including banking, retail, critical infrastructure, government, corporate, education and public transportation. Such security measures provide real-time intelligence for live detection of safety and security events and are instrumental not only in safeguarding business intelligence but also in facilitating efficient workforce management and optimizing operational decisions.

Customer Requirements

A global leader specialized in providing intelligent IP video management system for security surveillance and business intelligence applications came to Lanner with a request for a physical security gateway control solution.

The approach for setting up this gateway control system is two-pronged, involving both the server hardware and the client hardware. The server hardware, first of all, must offer a rich I/O interface, required for connecting multiple devices such as cameras, security sensors, alarms, and control panels. Second of all, the server hardware must be capable of processing large number of requests for security video and data that are to be analyzed for decision making and actionable intelligence. Furthermore, it must be a powerful and scalable platform on which layers of integrated analytic applications can be installed for not only automatically pinpointing but also delivering significant events and full HD video alerts to end users’ displays by way of the client hardware and the Local Area Network for viewing and immediate actions, if and when necessary.

Lanner Solution

Lanner’s LEC-2280, a high-performance fanless industrial PC was eventually selected as the ideal server hardware. This particular box PC is built with Intel’s 3rd Generation Core® i3/i5/i7 processors and features excellent performance and rich expansion capability for application-specific environments. The LEC-2280 is available in two models, namely the LEC-2280E and the LEC-2280P2. They are different in dimensions and each model is available in 4 SKUs. While the LEC-2280P2 comes with two mini-PCIe and two PCI slots, the LEC-2280E also comes with two mini-PCIe and one PCIe. They are both designed to deliver the kind of stability and longevity required for developing surveillance analytics and physical security gateway control systems. On the other hand, Lanner’s LEC-7001, a compact and RISC-based box PC running on Freescale’s i.MX 6 Series processor was chosen as the client hardware. The LEC-7001’s HDMI port enables video decoding at 1920 by 1080P resolution at 60 frames per second, making available crisp clear video footages for viewing at the client ends.

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Customer’s Benefits

In terms of the server hardware:

Powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors (codenamed Ivy Bridge), the LEC-2280 outperforms its Sandy Bridge counterparts by 15% in CPU performance and 68% in integrated GPU performance. Such ample processing power makes available the seamless integration between the LEC-2280 and the proprietary video management and situation management software to leverage the hardware-software efficiency for running complex analytics rules, so that alerts can be distributed intelligently to local, remote or mobile operators virtually anywhere on the network in order to facilitate prompt follow-up actions.

In addition to the powerful processors and computing performance, the LEC-2280 also comes with a slew of outstanding features; including a flexible and rich I/O interface that offers multiple video-out ports for supporting separate video streams on dual displays, 2 GbE LAN ports, 4 serial COM ports, 4 USB ports, a 2.5” SSD/HDD drive bay for up to 2TB of storage, various mounting options and finally, an integrated SIM card reader for 3G communications, ensuring a proactive approach to threat deterrence and management, in real-time. Also worth mentioning is the LEC-2280’s fanless design because it ensures hardware uptime and availability, minimizing manpower and cost needed for maintenance and repair.

In terms of the client hardware:

The LEC-7001 is proven to be a reliable and cost-effective platform as client hardware for physical security related applications. The Freescale i.MX 6 CPU offers powerful yet energy-efficient performance for smooth Full HD video playback. What’s more, the LEC-7001’s compact size, fanless design and various mounting options together also make it a flexible and high-availability solution, especially for deployment in settings with limited space.


Having successfully used the LEC-2280 and the LEC-7001 for their setting up their enterprise physical security gateway control system, this particular customer is looking into the feasibly of building and making available other physical security systems, using also the LEC-2280 and the LEC-7001, for a other scenarios and environments such as transportation and logistics hubs, urban light rail networks and inner city or campus-wide surveillance analytics.

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