Data centers are and will continue to serve as the backbones of our modern world. From watching your favorite shows on video streaming platforms to communicating with colleagues overseas, data centers enable the online services and resources that empower the way we live and work. As a result, ensuring the optimal operation and security of our data centers is crucial. To realize this, data center administrators require the ability to collect, consolidate, and analyze data across the board. This is best achieved via Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) that leverages surveillance technologies, network appliances, sensors, and monitoring software. Through effective DCIM, administrators have an indispensable tool to measure, manage, and control data center utilization and energy consumption of all IT-related equipment and facility infrastructure components, including air conditioning systems.


Lanner worked in conjunction with a Japanese system integrator to facilitate the development of a DCIM solution. The system integrator required network appliances to monitor, control, and optimize air conditioning systems. These included a network security appliance with server-grade computing performance and a high level of durability and stability. Also, they required a desktop appliance with a fanless design and with multiple Ethernet connectivity. What's more, both appliances needed to support advanced LAN bypass.

Lanner Solution

The solution Lanner offered included its NCA-4010 mid-range 1U rackmount network security appliance powered by Intel's Broadwell-DE SoC. The platform offers up to 16 RJ45 GbE ports, dual 10G SFP+, one Lanner standard NIC module slot, and seven pairs of bypass. It can also be fitted with one PCI-E*8 for expansion. It is ideal for analysis servers and control servers for air conditioning systems.

Lanner also was able to meet the system integrator's needs with the fanless NCA-1510 desktop appliance. Powered by an Intel® Atom® C3000 processor, NCA-1510 features robust performance and reliability. It is an ideal fanless SFF desktop network appliance for small and medium enterprises to manage edge security. It also sports Intel's QuickAssist Technology, offering cryptographic acceleration and commercial-grade LAN functions in a compact form factor (231mm x 200mm x 44mm). Through the use of the NCA-4010 and NCA-1510, the system integrator developed an effective control system for real-time monitoring and control of data center air conditioning. The key end benefit for its customers was the potential to halve their power consumption for significant cost savings.  

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