Representatives of Lanner, Intel and Micron will share their experiences, introduce you to current solutions and present the latest developments of the companies. The main topics of the workshop will be new technologies in the field of SD-WAN, vCPE, cybersecurity and opportunities for their applications. You can take part in the discussion panel, where we will analyze and discuss the problems of the information security market in the Russian Federation together.

Data is the new oil, and there is more of it everyday. At Lanner, we design and build industrial-grade IoT Gateway hardware for the Manufacturing, Energy and Transportation sectors, enabling them to securely collect, interpret and communicate data from edge to cloud and become more efficient and profitable by harnessing the power of IoT.

Lanner has narrowed down the hardware spec to provide a true whitebox solution, which meets most of the spec customers are looking for as well as certified with wifi and LTE and able to ship to many major countries globally. The benefits to the Whitebox solutions will become the foundation of future SDWAN and 5G.

5G networks are anticipated to deliver a future network with faster, more agile and more reliable network communications, made possible by the distributed edge computing infrastructure and SD-WAN networks to greatly lower the latency in communications, while increase the service agility with CPEX/OPEX efficiency.

SDN, NFV and 5G are anticipated to deliver network transformation with faster, more agile and more reliable communications, made possible by the distributed software-defined architecture to greatly lower the latency and time-to-market deployment, while increasing the service agility with CPEX/OPEX efficiency.

Many governments and transportation companies in the world are seeking intelligent and secure rolling stock solutions to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and commuting time between urban and rural areas. In fact, today’s passengers and rail operators demand more than just reliability and efficiency, but also comfort, infotainment as well as environmental friendliness. To meet the ever complicated demands, a more integrated system offering edge-to-cloud control, surveillance and communication is required.

To deliver the required real-time, secured and cutting-edge technology as the next-generation manufacturing revolution, Lanner provides highly integrated edge server platform with Intel multi-core processor that fully optimize performance and minimize latencies, while consolidating all the needed network functions.