SD-WAN offers enterprises high degree of flexibility for WAN load balancing, optimization and visibility. SD-WAN consolidates multiple networking functions into a single software-defined vCPE platform which virtualizes all the network functions with enhanced service agility, security and QoS (Quality of Service).



Delivering quick-meals at reasonable prices in a constantly-changing marketplace is no small feat, especially due to soaring fuel costs, product quality concerns, and nutritional mandates, in addition to menu cycle changes, changing consumer demands, and new product introductions to keep customers coming back. Fast-food chains and food service industry rely heavily on distribution and logistics service providers to provide prepared meals, fresh produce and meats, and package handling.

Global manufacturing operations are increasingly embracing digital transformation, demanding a secure, agile network to maximize productivity, improve efficiency, and safety. Manufacturers today not only need to control and secure a global environment that may include difficult or remote sites, legacy machine control systems, secure access to data from Operation Technology (OT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, in addition to the ever-increasing demands for efficiency and speed in their digital operations.

With escalating inflation and supply chain challenges, retailers need to consider adding new technologies to their businesses to both enrich their offerings to attract new customers, amplify customer loyalty, and increase process efficiencies, while reducing costs in the long run. Automation and technology can change both customers’ and employees’ experience in the store, from new ways for consumers to find and pay for items, to information systems for workers.

Enterprises nowadays are migrating to the Cloud in droves and more and more software are being licensed, delivered and deployed using SaaS; such migration and deployment have become the norm for the so-called hybrid workplace model that mixes in-office and remote work, especially during the pandemic.  

The finance industry has always had a fairly tech-forward mindset, and financial institutions have become more aware of the need to adapt to digital transformation. A growing number of retail banks and other financial organizations have begun using the technology to hedge the move to cloud solutions to implement new digital services and develop more customer-centric services.

In today’s digital world, designing and implementing a public safety system requires considering an entire ecosystem, from applications, services, and property and network infrastructure. Deploying a high-quality software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is essential to operate a public safety ecosystem, which can enhance the speed, efficacy, coverage, and reliability of first responders by enabling citizens and public safety answering points to send and receive voice, text, photos and video communications over a wireless network.

Software-defined WAN solutions can bring unparalleled agility and cost savings to networking, which has been the primary fuel for the rapid growth of SD-WAN in recent years.  Organizations, from enterprises, small-medium businesses to cloud and managed services providers, can deliver more responsive, more predictable applications at lower costs in less time than the traditionally used legacy equipment.

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