Get Flying with the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit

Lanner Electronics today announced the release of a Wind River Embedded Development Kit for their FW-8895 network appliance platform. This platform offers a 100% x86 development platform that is designed to fully utilize the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK) and offer solid processing capabilities in both the control plane and data plane.

“Using Wind River’s support for Intel DPDK and the optimization work that is done for the FW-8895, development time is significantly reduced for new systems based on the Intel DPDK. You’re cutting development time from weeks to days, which makes it possible to quickly come up with many proofs of concept products in a short time” said Jesse Chiang, Chief Product Architect.

Equipped with two Intel® Xeon E5-2600 processors and with up to 8 modules featuring the latest Intel chipsets, this high-performance platform is suitable for applications such as enterprise firewalls with extensive packet processing such as deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention systems and cryptography.

The Wind River Embedded Development Kit includes a 30-day run-time trial version of Wind River Linux and arrives on a USB flash drive. At boot-up, the kit turns the computer into a complete development environment, complete with necessary licenses, as well as Wind River Workbench development tools and Intel DPDK tutorials. No installation is necessary.

“Our embedded development kit with Lanner provides a fast and simple start to development,” said Stephen Konish, director of product management at Wind River. “Companies will be able to take advantage of Wind River’s expertise with Intel DPDK, as well as our broad portfolio of support, training and services for it, to realize significant time-to-market benefits and quickly begin creating high-performance networking solutions based on the latest Intel® multi-core processors.”

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