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Paving the Way to 5G with SDN and NFV

The 5th Generation mobile networks, known as 5G, are without doubt one of the most discussed technological trends and comes with new telecommunication standards beyond the currently adopted 4G. Though the standards has not officially been coined, 5G has drawn tremendous attention with the promises of higher transfer speed, wider bandwidth, better reliability, lower power consumption and much lower latency, to encourage the smoother device-to-device and IoT communications.

Created by Jack Hsu on May. 17, 2017, Category: 5G, SDN/NFV

Lanner Talks about Joining Ciena’s Blue Orbit Ecosystem

Ciena’s Brian Lavallee talks with Sven Freudenfeld of Lanner, Ciena’s newest Blue Obit partner, about the company and the evolution of the NFV market space.

By Brian Lavallee from Ciena on May 8, 2017, Category: NFV, vCPE, Distributed NFV

Centralized VS Distributed: How Should Virtual CPEs Be Implemented?

NFV has dramatically changed the perspective of how network infrastructure is established. The emphasis is the virtualization of network functions on carrier-grade appliances. While communication service providers worldwide are engaging in the transition to SDN and NFV, Virtual CPE (customer premise equipments) is one of the fastest growing use cases among all the real on-site enterprise applications.

By Jack Hsu on May 3, 2017 Category: Distributed vCPE, Cloud vCPE, Hybrid vCPE

Delivering On-demand Virtual DPI and IPS Services in NFV Infrastructure

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has become an inevitable trend since European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) introduced it in 2012. It is a new network architecture concept that uses IT virtualization technologies to decouple network functions, such as router, firewall, network address transition (NAT), and domain name service (DNS)...

By Trend Micro on Apr. 12, 2017, Category: on-demand cyber security, vDPI, vIPS, NFV Security

Fog Computing to Reinforce IoT Deployments by Minimizing Data Latency

As IoT (Internet of Things) is deployed in almost every field, limitations are encountered due to the excessive amount of data generated. It has become inevitable that the centralized cloud computing architecture is faced with limitations in bandwidth, data process, storage, latency, and analytics.

By Jack Hsu on Mar. 22, 2017, Category: Fog Computing, Mobile Edge Computing

vCPE Demo for Next-gen Hybrid NFV at MWC 17

Together with Enea software Lanner deliver vCPE solutions optimized for next-gen hybrid NFV architecture and help accelerate time-to-market for service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers.

By Enea software on Mar. 7, 2017, Category: vCPE, Hybrid NFV

Boost your VNF’s performance by 30x without lifting a finger (and 40x with just a little effort)

As service providers move beyond initial trials of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and start planning actual deployments of virtualized applications, the economics of this transition come under increasing scrutiny. After all, why would you take the risk of deploying new, risky technology unless the Return on Investment (RoI) is both significant and quantifiable?

By Charlie Ashton from Wind River on Mar. 3, 2017, Category: Carrier-grade NFV

How Service providers can leverage software-defined security (SD-Security)

In our last post, we talked about the benefits of network function virtualization (NFV) for service providers. Taking a step further, we’ll now examine how providers that deploy NFV can further benefit from this rapidly growing industry trend of evolving previously hardware-centric networks by leveraging security technologies into software-based services.

Created By Mark Weiner from Versa Network on Feb. 21, 2017, Category: SD-Security

Network Function Virtualization and the Security Consideration for Telco and Cloud Service Providers

NFV and SDN have been matured over the years and we have seen Service Providers migrating their customers to the new business models enabled by the capabilities of this flexible and elastic network architecture. Several aspects of the network transformations are very well addressed but others are still causing hesitations on the execution of rolling out new services in the carrier and enterprise network.

Created by Sven Freudenfeld on Feb.3, 2017, Category: SDN/NFV

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