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Robust Onboard Computing Gateway Acts as Brain for Self-Driving Shuttle Bus

The momentum in automated mobility is flourishing at global level, with many field tests conducted in worldwide. Besides a fenced and repeated route, this type of autonomous service vehicle can be navigated with zero human intervention by installments of GPS tracking, odometry, collision detection technology LiDAR, computer-based visioning and on-board computing gateway.

By Jack Hsu on Oct. 20, 2017, Category: self-driving, autonomous shuttle

AI Boosts Video Streaming and Transcoding Performance

Contributed by the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, the technological advancements of video streaming and mobile gadgets have rapidly transformed the way people consume their entertainments. Service providers have to make their bit rate streaming adaptive to various network conditions and protocols, as well as the bandwidth for the client devices, in order to enable high-quality video contents without compromise.

By Jack Hsu on Sept. 20, 2017, Category: A.I, video streaming, adaptive streaming

AI and Machine Learning Processing Shifted from Cloud to Edge

Many key players in A.I suggest a more capable and higher performance edge platform that can handle A.I algorithm at the edge data center and perform real-time analytics to respond to critical scenarios.

By Jack Hsu on Sept. 11, 2017, Category: A.I, edge computing, micro data center

Blending Enterprise SD-WAN with SD-Security

Many enterprises are shifting MLPS to SD-WAN for service agility and cost advantages. However, this shift also exposes enterprises to new cyber threats, which is the main concern when enterprises implement SD-WAN platforms.

By Jack Hsu on Aug. 23, 2017, Category: vCPE, Software-Defined Security

From Cloud to Edge - Edge Servers Play Critical Roles in Optimizing Mobile Edge Computing

The rapid adoption of IoT technology and Big Data infrastructure in recent years is driving enterprises to shift their attentions from the centralized computing architecture to a distributed, edge-oriented approach. As more data from more sources is generated from the network edge...

By Jack Hsu on Aug. 16, 2017, Category: 5G, MEC, Mobile Edge Computing

Webinar: Distributed NFV

Lanner’s Webinar about Distributed NFV - Moving from the PoC into the real environment for deployment

Present by Sven Freudenfeld on July 13, 2017, D-NFV,vCPE, HTCA, VNF

Lanner’s Seminar on Enabling Multi-vendor NFV Solutions

See the video of how Lanner, Intel, Enea and Ciena talk about how to enable the multi-vendor NFV solutions that will accelerate your time-to-market deployment for new services.

Video uploaded on Jun 27, 2017, vCPE, D-NFV, uCPE, SD-WAN, HTCA

uCPE Drives the Service Delivery Revolution

uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) is currently considered as the most dynamic use cases of NFV (Network Function Virtualization), largely or partially due to the growth of MSP (Managed Service Provider) and MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers). The growing reliance on MSP and MSSP indicates the enterprise IT has recently shifted its focus from a CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) approach to an OPEX (Operating Expenses) oriented budgeting.

Created by Jack Hsu on June. 22, 2017, Category: vCPE, uCPE, NFV

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