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Building Endpoint Security with Lanner Desktop Network Appliances

The rapid increase of IoT connected devices leads to the growing complexity of endpoint infrastructure, which demands a more flexible appliance that not only protects the network edge by offering security measures such as VPN, intrusion protection, content filtering and data encryption, but also offers a quick, easy-to-implement solution with efficiency in size, performance and power consumption.

Lanner Introduces Highly-integrated 3U Rail System LVR-8300 with 4th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU, M12 PoE Ports, and Modular Expansions with EN50155 certification

Many governments and transportation companies in the world are seeking intelligent and secure rolling stock solutions to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and commuting time between urban and rural areas. The ideal system must integrate data transmission between the train and the ground, information, sub-systems like air conditioning, door-sensing and warning, as well as passenger information system. To accomplish these challenging tasks in today’s rolling stock requirement, Lanner introduces its first highly-integrated 3U rail system LVR-8300, packing high-processing CPU, M12 PoE ports, EN50155 certified endurance and multiple modular expansions to operate as the brain of intelligent rail systems.

Lanner’s Small Form Factor Embedded Solutions

Lanner’s small form factor embedded box PCs, designed and manufactured for application-specific deployment, feature high-performance CPUs, various mounting options, fanless design and small form factor for space-critical applications.

Building Integrated Mobile Surveillance Platforms for Public Transportation

The demand for integrated mobile systems in public transit has been on a rise due to concerns of public security. Modern transportation service providers are pursuing versatile vehicle computing systems integrating mobile surveillance, tracking and monitoring to ensure the safety of their passengers and simplify implementation processes.

Lanner Presents Cavium-driven RISC Platform MR-328 for Entry-level Enterprise Security

Enterprises are moving away from traditional, physical and hardware-implemented security solutions to a more agile and virtualized platform for network traffic management. This trend has become highly apparent for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and small offices. For entry-level enterprise security, Lanner has introduced its new RISC desktop platform MR-328, designed with Cavium Octeon CPU to support DPI, virtualization and multiple I/Os.

Lanner – The Network Computing Specialist

Lanner has serviced the fast-growing information security industry for over two decades, and today is the leading hardware provider in this industry. There are 46 companies in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Network Firewalls, UTM, Wired and Wireless LAN, WAN optimization and Application Delivery. Out of these 46 companies, 39% use hardware made by Lanner. The strong preference demonstrated for Lanner network appliance is a reward for committing ourselves to designing the highest quality platform in the industry.

Smart City Solutions

Lanner Electronics Inc. envisions and ushers in the era of smart cities with its IoT-ready hardware solutions that are designed for enhancing quality of almost all urban services.

These hardware solutions effectively consolidate and engage all areas of a smart city, namely its transportation network, retail services, education, environment monitoring, utility distribution, public safety and city security, to prepare and ready the said smart city for dealing with not only foreseeable challenges but also unpredictable threats.

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Lanner’s NCA-5510 Optimizes Computing and Virtualization Capacity in 1U Ultra-Dense Form

Today’s network infrastructures are shifting from hardware-concentrated strategy to open software technological approaches. Network service providers require more agile and flexible methods to deliver satisfying virtualization performance while saving ownership costs. Upon seeing this demand, Lanner’s NCA-5510 is launched to meet today’s network requirements by optimizing computing power and virtualization capacity in a compact 1U form factor with high-port density.

Lanner Releases Power-efficient EN50155 Railway Box PC LVR-2010 with Intel® Atom™ E3845 Processor

Today’s rolling stock systems have transformed into a digitalized and networked age, where real-time communication and monitoring are demanded. However, not all computing systems are able to operate properly under the harsh environment of rolling stock applications, where external factors such as extreme temperatures, vibration and significant amount of dust might be encountered. Thus, Lanner offers its LVR-2010, a fanless, power efficient railway controller PC with EN50155-compliant design, power efficient Intel® Atom™ E3845 CPU, wide temperature support and rich I/O ports with rugged M12 connectors. LVR-2010 is a reliable platform for rolling stock applications such as infotainment, transportation control, real-time monitoring and communications.

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Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrator, service providers and application developers.


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