Practical implementations of Lanner's technology in a range of environments and applications.

Carrier-grade NFV

NFV can be considered as the virtualization of telecommunication networks and will revolutionize how telecom infrastructure is built. NFV indicates a disaggregation in which closed proprietary equipments are largely replaced by open-standard and sharable platforms. Under the virtualized architecture, VNFs run on virtual machines and are automatically formed in the service chaining to provide telecom services.

SD-WAN and SD-Security

SD-WAN is one of the most widely applied SDN concepts implemented to address obstacles in conventional enterprise WAN infrastructures such as packet congestion or loss. By replacing MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) with software-defined network components, SD-WAN help enterprises simplify WAN setup for branch offices, SME setting, head office and data centers by virtualization. In short, the WAN management is shifted to the software-defined cloud. An intelligently capable SD-WAN shall support multiple connection types and network services including VPN, firewalls, WAN optimization and application delivery.

Virtual CPE

Virtual CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is one of the fastest growing NFV applications. Through the virtualization of CPE appliance, managed service providers can save the time and cost from the complexity of handling multiple dedicated hardware-based equipments connected at the customer/branch site to provide the needed services, which often results in frequent truck roll service costs and troubleshooting remains headache. With vCPE, managed service providers can optimally assist their clients, especially SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and branch offices, in cost efficiencies and service agility by leveraging VNF (virtualized network functions), such as routing and firewall, onto a multi-service gateway device. Managed services have thus become dynamic when network functions are software-defined, allowing more simplified and agile management.

Bus Surveillance Management

The demand for integrated computer systems on today’s commuter buses is increasing rapidly. With modern transportation services offering an array of multimedia information and entertainment for passengers, and evolving needs for surveillance and monitoring, the time is right for a powerful and economical integrated computing solution.

In-Vehicle Surveillance with Multi-Purpose In-Vehicle PCs

Our client is an expert in global transit security solutions. Their business was primarily in providing the software and hardware design of CCTV computers for vehicles, specifically for buses and trains, but a decision was made that they would branch out and add more features to their in-vehicle computer. By incorporating more applications, their in-vehicle computer would be more valuable.

WAN Optimization: Meeting the Challenge

One of the largest vendors in the US of WAN optimization and network bandwidth management solutions found this appliance perfect for their requirements. Their WAN optimization appliances provide network management functions covering: network optimization, application visibility, traffic control, and application acceleration. This enables organizations to see, control, accelerate, and optimize traffic on their WANs.

Who We Are

Lanner Electronics Inc (TAIEX 6245) is a world leading provider of design, engineering and manufacturing services for advanced network appliances and rugged applied computing platforms for system integrator, service providers and application developers.


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